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5000 Series Nitrogen Applicators

5000 Series NitroGro™ Nitrogen Applicators

Place Your Nitrogen Where It Counts...When It Counts

J&M's 5000 Series NitroGro™ Nitrogen Applicators get nitrogen to your plants consistently and efficiently to help maximize your yields. Customize your 5000 Series NitroGro with models available in either 1,000 gallon (5010) or 1,600 gallon (5016) tank capacities, 25' to 40'-4" working widths, and 20", 22" or 30" row spacing. Choose from injectors or knives to consistently deliver nitrogen next to the root to minimize the risk of denitrification. The nitrogen applicator's high‐tensile grade steel coulter shafts have a true 34" of crop clearance for a longer application window. The heavy‐duty 7"×7" toolbar uses a unique pivot design to raise and lower the center bar on a gradual arc for consistent and perpendicular ground contact. This single pivot design eliminates six pivot points compared to a dual linkage toolbar, reducing wear and maintenance. The toolbar flex and hydraulic down force ensures nitrogen is being placed at your desired depth, no matter the soil conditions. The toolbar can also be used as a rigid bar to suit your application needs. Pivoting points on the 5000 Series applicators use poly bushings for increased durability. Available options include closers, flow monitors, depth control spools, 3" fill valve, Raven 450 controller, ground drive pump and wavy coulters.