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LC Series Bulk SpeedTenders

LC Series SpeedTenders

Self-Filling Luxury Bulk Tenders with Premium Controls and Round Belt Conveyor

Our premium "LC Series" self-filling bulk tender design offers a Larger Capacity tank, Luxury Controls, Lower Center of Gravity, and Longer Conveyor compared to competitor models. These features allow you to carry more seed with a lower center of gravity for safer transport over the road. The patented V-belt conveyor design transfers seed quickly and gently with greater efficiency, while the longer conveyor lengths can reach the tallest and widest planters with ease.

The new LC Series Speed Tenders offer improved features to maximize your planting efficiency. The improved tank and support arm design features a large capacity tank with lower overall height, allowing you to carry more seed with a lower center of gravity while also making it easier to fill and more stable to transport over uneven terrain.

The longer conveyor with a large diameter round tube belt design makes it easy to reach the tallest central fill and widest box row planters. Our patented Tru-Trak with V-Belt conveyor is designed to reduce seed damage and premature wear on the conveyor belt due to misalignment.