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Low-Profile Series

Low‑Profile Header Transports

Built for More Clearance

HT‑974 Series header transports feature an economical, low‑profile design with front steering for quick and easy towing. Now also available in Heavy‑Duty 16' and 20' transports for folding corn and forage harvester heads.

Standard Transport

25', 30', and 36' Transports

Designed for combines that have limited header travel, the standard duty low‑profile header transports come in 25', 30', or 36' long upper bar options. These strong, versatile transports have a 8,140‑10,620 lbs net carrying capacity.

Heavy-Duty Series for Folding Heads

16' and 20' Transports

HT-974-16 and HT-974-20 transports are made for folding corn and forage harvester heads. The compact size and heavy duty construction features a thick wall upper bar and trussed lower bar to accomodate the extra weight of folding heads. The Heavy-Duty Series is available in both the 16' and 20' sizes. The low overall height allows the header to be placed on the tranport with ease.