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Trail-Blazer Series

Built to Handle Your Toughest Demands with Ease

Trail‑Blazer Models TB‑6000, TB‑7000 and TB‑8000 Series header transports are built with a stronger arched main frame to carry the heaviest heads quickly and easily. Heavier steel tubing is used on both the frame and the upper bar to carry larger and heavier heads with less stress. The front swivel ball axle provides excellent tracking and maneuverability. The rear tandem torsion‑flex axles with highway speed rated tires absorb the worst field and road conditions and reduce the stress on both the head and header transport.

Ag Transports

Models TB‑6000A, TB‑7000A and TB‑8000A feature a telescoping light bar with rear red and amber flashing lights, SMV emblem, standard front clevis or optional ball hitch, two rear torsion axles with optional electric brakes and optional break-away safety brakes.

Highway Transports

Models TB‑6000H, TB‑7000H and TB‑8000H feature rear red brake lights and center light bar, 4-wheel electric wheel brakes, break-away safety brakes, ball hitch and an owner’s title for licensing.