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Kuhn MASTER 103 4 (3E+1)

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Monobloc Headstock

Simple adjustment of leveling by stops. Easy storage with built-in toolbox in headstock on 3- and 4-bottom NSH models.

High Strength Frame

Simplified adaptation to tractor wheel setting. Mechanical adjustment of plow angling (front furrow width).

Triplex Steel

Moldboards are made of unequal layer, heat-treated Triplex steel that have an increased working life up to 40% over standard steel and a hard wearing surface over 1/8” thick.

Standard Rubber Depth Wheel

The depth wheel follows any change of plowing width. It features simple bolt adjustments with the ability to set left and right sides independently. It can be placed in many locations on the frame to ensure optimum positioning for all conditions.


Model MASTER 103 4 (3E+1)
Number of bottoms per side 4
Extendable by one bottom No
Standard moldboards H4 long helicoidal
Hydraulic rollover with 1 cylinder Standard
Maximum tractor power 114 hp (85 kW)
Approximate machine weight for T version 2,127 lbs (965 kg)
Approximate machine weight for NSH version 2,623 lbs (1,190 kg)
Working width 14" or 16" (35 or 40 cm) delivered at 16" (40 cm)
Underbeam clearance 27.5" (70 cm)
Point to point clearance 35" (90 cm)
Offset and angling adjustment Mechanical
Hitch Cat. 2 swift hitch
Adjustable depth wheel with tire 600 x 210 mm standard