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Kuhn INTERCEPTOR® 8055-36

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Excalibur® CT Blades
Higher residue quantities from increased planting populations, tougher stover from GMO hybrids with stay-green traits, varying soil moisture and volatile weather conditions: these are all examples of challenges North American producers face during the tillage season every year. Designed to maintain a sharp cutting edge throughout service, Excalibur CT blades cut and size residue. These 22” diameter blades are mounted on 9” spacing to achieve a full cut of soil across the machine, and each blade features 32 flutes to reduce clod size. The Excalibur CT blades are configured in a tandem layout to prevent tracking and ensure a more uniform distribution of soil and residue across the field compared to machines utilizing an offset design. The Interceptor’s depth of frame provides ample distance for residue and soil to flow, allowing it to settle between the two parallel rows of blades and reduce the risk of plugging compared to short-coupled designs.

Angle of Attack
Excalibur® CT blades are mounted on a shallow compound angle to ensure optimum soil penetration while limiting weight carried on the backside of the blade. This reduces compaction and smearing of soil, especially in wet conditions and helps ensure that residue is distributed throughout the soil profile and not simply buried at the bottom of the seedbed.

Center-Mounted HD Tines
Center-mounted HD tines are fitted directly behind the first rank of Excalibur® CT blades and maintain full contact with the soil surface to initiate residue redistribution and soil leveling. This single row of heavy-duty tines is on 12” spacing to help capture all material flow from the front blades and force it downward, settling loose material before contacting the rear row of blades and finishing attachment, and reducing the quantity of material blowing over the rear of the machine. This ensures that as much residue as possible is sized, incorporated, and anchored rather than left on the field surface where it will be susceptible to blowing or washing off the field.



Star Wheel™ Treaders
Star Wheel treader gangs, mounted on 6-degree angles, level the seedbed and size clods, while mixing and anchoring residue into the loose soil. Constant-flow hydraulic down pressure on the Star Wheel treader allows the attachment to maintain even working pressure across a varying field surface, resulting in a consistent, uniform finish. Many competitive units depend upon their rear attachment to control machine operating depth and thereby transmit significant weight to their rear attachment, which can result in a tight, compressed seedbed.

24/7® Conditioning Reels
Available with flat blades for maximum clod sizing in hard soil conditions or round bars for increased soil firming in loamy soil conditions, this effective component contributes a superior finish in any field. The reel may also be raised hydraulically using the tractor SCV to increase field run time in wet conditions.



Single Point Depth Control
Working depth is adjusted from a single point at the front of the machine and controlled using the walking beam mounted tires in the middle of the frame. With this configuration, front/rear levelling is not affected during depth changes and so changing machine depth is quick and easy and does not necessitate additional adjustments.

Gauge Wheel Down Pressure
The Interceptor 8055 uses gauge wheels with a constant hydraulic down pressure system rather than a fixed position system which work in combination with the mechanically sprung leveling linkage. In effect, this provides the machine with a suspension system that dampens machine bounce and helps to ensure a level field finish. Because the gauge wheels are not set in a fixed position, they do not normally need to be adjusted when changing working depth, further reducing the number of potential adjustment points. When Gauge wheel down pressure adjustment is necessary, it is set using a single valve block at the front of the machine.

Wing and Star Wheel Down Pressure
Down pressure on wings and Star Wheel treaders is adjusted using valve blocks at the front of the machine. Varying wing pressure helps ensure even penetration across the width of the machine and will not normally require additional adjustment between seasons unless moving between extremely hard and soft conditions. Similarly, Star Wheel pressure is set to give the desired degree of residue anchoring and clod sizing and will not normally require additional adjustment unless moving between residue types.


Transport Width 18'11" (5.8 m)
Transport Height 14' (4.3 m)
Number of Blades 98
Working Width 35' (10.7 m)
Blade Spacing 9" (22.9 cm)
Weight 37,500 lb (17 010 kg)
Hitch Type CAT IV, 3-Hole Mount
Tongue Type Guardian Hitch™ (Cushion Tongue) Adjustable Level-Lift Tongue
Fore / Aft Leveling Mechanical Fore / Aft Adjustment
Hydraulics Cylinders, Color-Coded Hydraulic Hose Grips, All Hydraulic Hoses
Wing Fold Cylinders (4) 5" x 40" Cylinders, (2) 4" x 24" Cylinders, & (2) 5" x 24" Cylinders"
Lift Cylinders (2) 4.5" x 12" Cylinders & (2) 4.25" x 12" Cylinders
Depth Control Single-Point Hydraulic
Blades Excalibur ® CT Blades - 22" 5mm, 32-Flute Shallow Concavity
Bearing Arms Compound Angle with Isolator Torsion Cord Individual Mount
Blade Hub Bearing Maintenance-Free, Double Angular Contact Bearing, 6-Bolt Hub for Blade
Mid-Mount Tines Single Row Adjustable Angle Tine Bar with 5/8" x 30" Tines on 9" Spacing
Center Section Wheels Walking Beams with Spherical Pivot Bearings, Slip-In Spindles, 8-Bolt Heavy-Duty Regreaseable Hubs, (4) 480/45R17
Wing Section Wheels Walking Beams with Spherical Pivot Bearings, Slip-In Spindles, 8-Bolt Heavy-Duty Regreaseable Hubs, (4) 480/45R17
Finishing Attachments 25" Rubber Roller with Hydraulic Lift Featuring PEER® TILLXTREME™ Maintenance-Free Bearings, Adjustable Scrapers
Fore / Aft Leveling Hydraulic
Hitch Type CAT V, 3-Hole Mount
Tongue Type Not Applicable
Finishing Attachments Star Wheel™ Gangs Mounted on 6 Degree Angles with Hydraulic Constant-Flow 24/7® Heavy-Duty Round Rod Reel with Hydraulic Lift Featuring PEER® TILLXTREME™ Maintenance-Free Bearings
Finishing Attachments Star Wheel™ Gangs Mounted on 6 Degree Angles with Hydraulic Constant-Flow 24/7® Heavy-Duty Flat Bar Reel with Hydraulic Lift Featuring PEER® TILLXTREME™ Maintenance-Free Bearings
Recommended Operating Speed 8 - 10 mph (12 - 16 km/h) Rocky Conditions: 6 - 8 mph (9 - 13 km/h)
Working Depth Range 2" - 5" (5 - 12.7 cm)
Recommended Tractor Power 15 - 20 ENG HP/ft (37 - 49 kW/m)