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Kuhn HPX 195 Trailer Vertical

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Commercial-Grade Foundation

All-Steel, Welded Construction
The HPX 195 features a 10-gauge sidewall with an added 1/4” (.64 cm) poly liner. An all-steel welded construction provides a solid framework. Formed channel side stakes provide support for the box sidewalls. A sidewall flare increases ease of loading and allows the operator to maintain a comfortable distance from the unit while loading.

Heavy-Duty, Sprung Undercarriage
The HPX 195 features a stout undercarriage to withstand heavy loads. Steerable axles come standard on tridem axles and optional on tandem. The HPX can be equipped with either 600/50R22.5 or 750/45R26.5 radial flotation tires. All HPX units are equipped with standard hydraulically activated drum brakes. Brakes provide added protection for both the machine and the operator, especially in hilly conditions.

Cushioned Tongue Suspension
Rubber springs, located on the tongue, provide a cushioned suspension that protects the unit and tractor from potential shocks due to loading and traveling. This results in longer life and reduced wear for both the unit and tractor drawbar, and results in a better working experience for the operator.

Solid, Poly Floor
A ¾” solid, poly floor provides more strength and durability than individual tongue and groove boards while reducing friction. This means that less power is required for unloading versus alternative floors. The multi-piece design allows for expansion or contraction with changing temperatures. The poly floor also reduces winter freeze-down issues versus a steel floor.



ProPush® Design
The ProPush box spreaders are designed with simplicity in mind. The hydraulic push-type design means no apron chains, fewer moving parts, faster unloading and dependable service life.

Moving Floor
New to the ProPush® family is the moving floor. The moving floor design works in unison with the pusher to unload at a constant rate. The moving floor allows the HP 170M to increase capacity without sacrificing overall length or loading height.

Piggyback Hydraulic Cylinders
This unique cylinder design provides smooth and uniform travel through the entire stroke and rapid cylinder retraction when spreading is completed. The cylinders are completely protected by a structural tube member. This stops manure from falling directly onto the cylinder which helps prevent premature seal failure.



Wide, Consistent Spread Pattern
VertiSpread® vertical beaters provide quality spreading performance for a wider variety of dry materials, from tough materials like pen pack, to finer materials like dry dirt compost. VertiSpread Vertical beaters are designed to spread material in a 25-30 foot (7.5-9.0 m) pattern at rates ranging from 5-30 tons per acre (11.2-67.2 tonnes/ hectare). They can provide the same fast unloading and high application rates as horizontal beaters, but with a wider spread pattern and more consistent material breakup.

Heavy-Duty Beater Module
The HPX 195 comes with a heavy-duty vertical beater module, featuring 5/8” (1.6 cm) flighting and hardened beater tips. Power to the beaters is routed through a fully enclosed, integral Berma gearbox for a strong and reliable power supply with low maintenance requirement.

Beater Drive - PTO Options
Power from the tractor to the unit is transferred through a 1000 RPM 1-3/4” (4.44 cm) 20-tooth CV PTO. The CV PTO option is designed for operators that spread at low rates or operators who wish to continue spreading into headland turns.


Specifications HPX 195 TRAILER VERTICAL
Struck Level 690 ft³ (19.5 m³)
Heaped 950 ft³ (26.9 m³)
Maximum Net Load 50,000 lbs (22,680 kg)
Overall Length 415" (1,054 cm)
Inside Box Length 288" (732 cm)
Inside Box Depth 56.5" (144 cm)
Inside Box Width Top: 94" (239 cm) Bottom: 83" (211 cm)
Overall Height - Top of Beaters 152" (386 cm)
Overall Height - Top of Thrown Object Shield 146" (370 cm)
Loading Height 118" (300 cm)
Overall Tread Width 114" (287 cm)
Ground Clearance 38" (97 cm)
Unit Weight 26,500 lbs (12,020 kg)
Minimum PTO Power Requirement 220 hp (164 kW)
Standard Number of Beaters 2
Number of Paddles or Teeth 36 Teeth
Beater Diameter 41.8" (106 cm)
Paddle or Flighting Thickness 0.63" (1.6 cm)
Overload Protection Torque-Disconnect
Removable Beater Assembly Standard
Beater Drive PTO
PTO Drive Speed 1,000 rpm
Cylinder Diameter 4.5" (11.4 cm)
Pusher Unload Time @ 15 gpm (seconds) 72 (36@30gpm)
Pusher and Cylinder Guides Nylatron/Blue Stripe
Push Panel Thickness 7 GA


Front Panel and Sides 10 GA steel w/ 0.25" (0.64 cm) White Poly Liner
Floor 0.75" (1.9 cm) White Solid Poly
Endgate Fixed
Trailer Axle Tandem Sprung: straight or rear steering Tridem Sprung: front and rear steering
Spindle Diameter -
Hubs 10-Bolt
Brakes Standard 4-Wheel Hydraulic Drum