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850 Finisholl

Creating the Perfect Seedbed

Preparing the perfect seedbed is the key to improving your field’s chances of increasing yields. A firm, level seedbed allows for better seed to soil contact, which results in faster germination and uniform emergence. Proper seedbed preparation helps warm up the soil for earlier planting and a longer growing season. For maximum efficiency and versatility, the Landoll Finisholl is made to pull easy, maintain a uniform working depth, and allow for smooth and even residue flow in the toughest field conditions.

Combination Secondary Tillage Tool

The original design of the 850 Finisholl from Landoll included chemical incorporation and final seedbed preparation; this tool is still a leader in those operations. It’s ability to aerate the soil while eliminating air pockets and leaving residue near or on the surface allows it to comply with conservation tillage parameters. The Finisholl can be a once pass tool in many cases, which helps to eliminate trips across the fields to cut input costs and reduce compaction. The adjustable disc gangs initiate the tillage process by sizing and fitting the residue. These disc gangs may be operated from 2” below to 8” above the level of the sweep. The true 8” shank spacing allows for ultimate residue flow throughout the machine and is critical in chemical incorporation. The Finisholl has 25 1/2” under frame shank clearance.  

The Landoll Way

Landoll’s solid reputation of building quality tillage equipment is built into every 850 Series Finisholl. Precision, laser cut frame components embrace the technology of robotic welding to its fullest. Rock flex mounts are used throughout the disc assemblies. The t-type self-leveling hitch with manual adjustment compliments the depth adjustment rod for precise control. These features that provide superior residue and trash flow make the 850 Finisholl from Landoll stand above and beyond other competitive units in the finisher market.