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Unverferth 1500

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Standard Features

  • Toolbar widths are available from 62.5’ down to 27.5’ with row spacings of 20” or 30” depending on size
  • 54” of toolbar rank on models 3500 and 2500 and 38” of toolbar rank on model 1500 for maximizing residue flow
  • The water tank provides quick access to clean water and a convenient storage container houses the operator’s manual
  • Transport chain, lighting kit and parking jack are all standard for safer transport and easy storage
  • Models 3500 and 2500 feature a CAT 4 ball swivel hitch and model 1500 features a CAT 3 single-tang hitch
  • Powder coated in your choice of tractor red or green for a long-lasting, high-quality finish


Model 1500 Standard Features

  • Available with toolbar sizes of 15-, 13-, 12- and 11-row with 30” spacing
  • 4”x6” mainframe and wing flex from 16° up and 11° down on the primary wing to follow ground contours
  • .375” thick wall tubing on the rear mainframe and wings and .5” thick wall tubing on the front center section of the main frame
  • Standard dual 11L-15 12-ply tires on the main frame and single 11L-15 tires on the hydraulically controlled wing lift wheels



NH3 Row Unit Design

  • The lead coulter features heavy-duty square mounting posts to ensure it stays straight and slices through the soil to clear a path for the NH3 shank.
    • Swivel design provides 10 degrees of side-to-side movement to follow ground contours and changing terrain
    • 20” diameter blade with 13 rippled waves cuts residue with 1,500 lbs. of downforce
    • 6-bolt greaseable hubs with 5 layers of seal protection for long-term, trouble-free use
  • 1.25” x 2” edge bent anhydrous ammonia shank features twin-spring shank mounts with 300 lbs. of trip force for consistent working depth and obstruction flexibility
  • The .75” NH3 knives feature a steel .375” tube for efficiently applying anhydrous ammonia underneath the soil
  • The CoverMax closing coulter sealer features two notched blades that are angled to fill and seal the slot which prevents fertilizer loss
    • Greaseless 1.25” plated pivot shaft with self-lubricating bushings and flat-face, zero-maintenance hubs with a 4-bolt design provide long-term, trouble-free use
    • Disc sealer arms operate independently from each other allowing for superior trash flow and continuous soil contact
    • 17” of overall travel and 9” of vertical travel from working depth allows the sealers to climb over obstacles
    • Adjustable blade position and pitch allow you to customize to match your soil profile



Anhydrous Ammonia Control

  • Tool-free adjustable rear nurse tank hitch features a retractable design for easy hookup
    • This hitch design retracts towards the front of the applicator so it can automatically lock when the operator drives forward, increasing the safety of the machine because the operator does not need to remember to back up to lock the hitch
  • Single NH3 nurse tank safety coupler features a splash guard and quick disconnect for easier and safer operation
  • The anhydrous ammonia nurse tank coupler utilizes 1.25” plumbing as standard with 1.5” available as optional
  • The Renegade applicators are standard with a Raven ISOBUS rate controller and 50 gallon per minute single stainless steel Vortex cooler with 1.5” single fast valve
  • 2-Section John Blue Impellicones with Raven shutoff valves on models 3500 and 2500, and 1-section control on model 1500


Model 1500
Size 11 Row 30" 15 Row 30"
Shank Mount Twin Spring-Cushioned
Closing Coulters (Sealer) CoverMax Sealers
Approx. Weight 9,960 lbs 12,450 lbs
Approx. Tongue Weight 450 lbs 600 lbs
Transport Width 17' 6" 17' 10"
Transport Height 10' 10" 13' 4"
Transport Length 19' 4" 19' 4"
Hitch to Center of Axle 13' 7" 13' 7"
Main Frame Wheels/Tires Dual 11L-15 12-Ply Tires
Main Wing Gauge Wheels/Tires Single 11L-15 12-Ply Tires
Outer Wing Gauge Wheels/Tires -
Hitch CAT 3/4
Toolbar Rank 38"
Main Frame Tubing 4" x 6"
Main Frame Tubing Thickness 3/8"
Wing Tubing Thickness 1/2"
Main Wing Flex 16° Up & 11° Down
Secondary Wing Flex -
Minimum HP Requirements* 220+ HP 300+ HP
*20 to 25 Recommended Horsepower Per Row
Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.