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Freedom 3pt. Implements

Freedom 3-point hitch implements for utility tractors are ideal for soil and seedbed preparation tasks around farmsteads, feedlots, commercial buildings, golf courses, and parks. They’re equally well-suited for new construction or landscape renovation

Land Leveler

Smoothes pulverize and level the soil surface to create the most receptive seedbed possible. Also works well for grooming driveways, pathways, and athletic fields

•Steel tube frame with welded-steel construction
•Cross-bracing for added durability
•Front blade knocks down ridges and channels material to rear
•Rear angles spread materials out
•Rear blade fills and smoothes the surface
•Replaceable wear blade option for greater durability
•Category I hitch
•6’ working width

Soil Ripper 

Breaks up tightly compacted soil to allow better drainage and plant roots to move freely into the subsoil for enhanced growth.

•Special-alloy steel, ¾” -thick angled shanks
•Easy-to-replace raised points
•Available wearbar kit for longer life
•Operating depth up to 18 inches
•Shear bolt-protected
•4”x 4” steel tube frame with parking stands
•Available in 1-shank model with combination category I/II hitch
•2-shank models with category II hitch
•Horsepower requirement of 25-35 hp per shank