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Primary Tillage

Primary tillage is usually conducted after the last harvest when the soil is wet enough to allow plowing but also allows good traction. Some soil types can be plowed dry. The objective of primary tillage is to attain a reasonable depth of soft soil, incorporate crop residues, kill weeds, and to aerate the soil. Secondary tillage is any subsequent tillage, to incorporate fertilizers, reduce the soil to a finer tilth, level the surface, or control weeds


The Unverferth Ripper-Roller subsoiler shatters hardpan with the deep-till parabolic shanks and incorporates residue and levels the surface with a rolling finisher attachment. Ideal for high-residue fields and is available in a 7-, 9-, 11- and 13-shank configurations.

Zone-Builder Subsoiler 

The Unverferth Zone-Builder subsoiler alleviates compaction with minimal surface disturbance, allowing crop roots to access moisture and nutrients deeper in the soil. The lead coulter cuts through residue and opens a path for the straight-leg shank that cuts through hardpan up to 20" deep. Customize the Zone-Builder with numerous tillage attachment options to fit your operation's needs.

Implement Caddy 

Put all your horsepower to work with the Unverferth implement caddy! The three-point connection on models 700, 500, and 300 makes one-person hookup to virtually all 3-point implements fast, simple, and easy. Convert your equipment from 3 points to pull-type with the Unverferth implement caddy.