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Unverferth Pull-Type Raptor

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Pull-Type - ST Models

  • Pull-type models are available as a 12-row or 16-row with 30” row spacing. Heavy-duty 7” x 7” toolbar for reliable operation.
    • Standard front-folding design and vertical folding row units provide a narrow transport width of 13’ 6” and compact storage.
    • Toolbar features 15° of above and 5° of below horizontal flex to follow uneven terrain.
    • Standard hydraulic jack, CAT 4 bull-pull hitch, transport chain and lighting.
    • Standard wing gauge wheels with 9.5L-15 stubble guard tires on the toolbar for added stability through the field.
    • Standard 380/90x46 single wheels and tires for pull-type ST Models without a fertilizer system. 



TerrainPro Row Unit

  • 20” lead coulter features 1,500 lbs. of down pressure and 6-bolt greaseable hub with 5 layers of seal protection for long-term, trouble-free use.
  • Free-floating row cleaners follow ground contours independently from the lead coulter and clear residue from the strip. The curved finger design prevents trash from wrapping and width adjustment allows the operator to adapt the row cleaner to varying conditions.
    • Row cleaners feature 4-bolt hubs with triple-lip seals and tapered roller bearings.
    • Standard add-on weights allow the operator to increase down pressure if needed.
  • Independent row unit depth is maintained by the crowfoot depth control wheel that runs between the row cleaners and the shank for consistent shank depth from row to row.
    • The 16” diameter crowfoot design prevents mud, rocks and other debris from building up, allowing the operator to run in varying conditions.
    • Each row unit features independent parallel linkage which allows it to free-float 7” upward and 4” downward to follow uneven terrain which ensures that each shank runs at the same depth for consistent tillage and fertilizer placement.
    • Optional rock guard crowfoot depth control wheel with reinforcing rings adds strength in rocky soil.
    • Optional rubber depth control wheels with scrapers are available for extremely rocky and tacky soil conditions.
  • The shank features tool-free height adjustment from 6” to 12” deep and a convenient depth gauge allows the operator to quickly and easily adjust each shank.
    • Available with spring-cushioned auto-reset trip mechanism with 2,000 lbs. of point load pressure or shear-bolt protected shank with 5,000 lbs. of shear pressure.
    • Replaceable 2 ¼” cast point and 1 ½” wide integrated wear bar provides long-term, trouble-free use.
    • Replaceable shank wear plates are standard to protect the shank from abrasive soil.
  • 18” notched concave closing coulters on each side of the shank keeps the soil in the path of the trailing basket. Each coulter floats independently from the other to keep constant ground contact through uneven terrain.
    • Tool-free width and angle adjustment allows the operator to easily change the width of the strip and height of the berm.
    • Each closing coulter features tool-free adjustable spring down pressure and angle adjustment to control the amount of soil being sent into the berm.
    • Closing coulters utilize 6-bolt hubs with triple-lip seals for long-term, trouble-free use.
  • The trailing 14” diameter crowfoot conditioning baskets break up clods, condition the berm and feature a unique design to prevent plugging with mud, rocks or other debris.
    • Each crowfoot conditioning basket rolls independently from the other and features tool-free adjustable down pressure.
    • Optional trailing 15” conventional Rolling Harrow basket in-lieu of the crowfoot conditioning basket for added tillage action.
    • Optional 15” rubber press wheels in-lieu of the crowfoot conditioning basket for added soil firming.



Fertilizer Systems

  • Dry or liquid fertilizer application systems are available for pull-type models of the Raptor strip tillage tool and the tanks are located behind the toolbar for better row unit visibility from the tractor cab and easier filling from behind the machine.
  • Both systems feature a standard Raven RCM ISOBUS controller which allows the operator to control the rate from the tractor's virtual terminal screen.
    • This system integrates with section control and pre-loaded field prescriptions.
  • 380/90 x 46 dual wheels and tires maximize flotation and provide a stable ride during road transport.


Dry Fertilizer - DT Models

  • Dry fertilizer system is available for pull-type models and features dual, custom-molded poly tanks for applying 1 or 2 products with variable rate. Dual 6-ton poly tanks for a total capacity of 12-tons of dry product.
    • Weather-tight lids protect the fertilizer in the tank.
    • Hydraulically powered blower fan feeds the 2” dry fertilizer plumbing.
    • Ergonomic ladder and platform provide convenient access to the top of the tanks.
    • 2-section control for each product and standard blockage monitors alert the operator on the ISOBUS screen when a row unit is blocked.
    • Standard scale system integrates with the ISOBUS controller for accurately tracking dry fertilizer applied and provides convenient rate calibration. 


Pull-Type Raptor Specifications
Model 2030DT 2015DT 2030LT 2015LT 2030ST 2015ST
Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.
Fertilizer Attachment Dry Fertilizer System Liquid Fertilizer System No Fertilizer
Trip Mechanism Auto-Reset Shear-Bolt Auto-Reset Shear-Bolt Auto-Reset Shear-Bolt
Hitch CAT 4 Pull-Type
Size 16-Row / 12-Row
Row Spacing 30"
Wing Flex Up 15°
Wing Flex Down
Transport Width 13' 6"
Transport Height 11' 10" 10' 4" 10' 4"
Transport Length 44' 10" 44' 4" 38' 4"
Hitch to Center of Axle 35' 2"
Approx. Empty Weight (lbs.) 16-Row 35,500 33,200 33,680 31,375 28,660 26,355
12-Row 31,825 30,040 30,005 28,215 24,985 23,195
Approx. Empty Tongue Weight (lbs.) 16-Row 13,560 12,410 13,745 12,590 14,245 13,095
12-Row 11,725 10,830 11,520 11,010 12,410 11,515
Approx. Loaded Tongue Weight (lbs.) 16-Row 11,160 10,010 12,470 11,320 -
12-Row 10,280 9,385 10,440 9,925 -
H. P.
480* / 360*
*30 - 35 HP Per Shank Running at the Minimum Working Depth