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Secondary Tillage & Seedbed Preparation


The Brillion Pulverizer will put a smooth, textured finish on the seedbed. The smooth seedbed allows for closer to the surface harvest in a soybean field and the ultimate opportunity for high-speed cutting and harvesting of alfalfa. The smooth seedbed also has any small to medium-sized stones pushed into the soil to lessen the occurrence of an ingestion by a combine or forage harvester.


The Brillion Pulvi-Mulcher is a one-pass secondary tillage tool designed to finish and firm the seedbed prior to planting. The front pulverizer roller breaks down the clods and lumps. The cultivator teeth in the middle bring moist soil into the growth zone. The rear pulverizer roller levels and firms the seedbed. Over the years, these machines have been labeled with many names: Pulvi-Mulcher, Roller Harrow, Culti-Mulcher, and Roller Mulcher to name a few. The name doesn’t matter…the concept is the same.