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Seeding & Planting Equipment

The Till ‘N Seed concept started years ago from customers asking for a ground-driven tool to renovate their pastures.  Customers were looking for a seeder that would not disturb existing vegetation but would still be able to penetrate the hard surface of the pasture, placing the seed at the correct depth for the best chance at germination.  The engineering staff went to work and through the design and testing process, the Till ‘N Seed was born.  Not only could this seeder renovate pastures as was originally requested, but it was also the perfect tool for repairing damaged alfalfa fields, restoring athletic fields and lawns, de-thatching lawns, and planting and shredding food plots.

One machine…designed to prepare the seedbed without completely destroying vegetation already established, place the seed at the proper depth, and finish the planting operation in all different types of applications – a truly “One and Done” machine.