New X728SE Special Edition Ultimate Tractor

Signature Series

Out of all the Select Series, these are the tractors that do more work, all day long, all year long.Till a garden at the crack of dawn. Dig-in with four-wheel drive and load mulch. Re-do the front yard, the back yard. And your neighbor's yard. All in a few hours. The X700 can do anything and everything. Every comfort and convenience is built-in. Every point is reinforced. Every option, from a rear PTO to additional hydraulics, is on the table.

Key Features
  • Internal hydraulic PTO with multi-disk clutch pack
  • Heavy-duty robotically welded frame
  • Large 6-1/2 U.S. gallon capacity fuel tank
  • In-store pickup or delivery available
Engine 25.5 hp (19 kW)*
Transmission Full-time 4-wheel drive
Chassis Fully welded
Steering Power