Harvest any time with Soucy Tracks on our combine!

Problem: Your Crop is Ready. Your Field is Not.

Solution: Soucy Tracks Let You Access Your Fields at All Times.Soucy Tracks in the field

Get maximum flotation and minimum compaction with Soucy Tracks!

  • Maximize your harvest by getting into the field when your crop is ready
  • Achieve increased stability for better cutting precision
  • No modifications are required—Soucy Tracks are fast and easy to install
  • Switch from wheels to tracks and back again, quickly and easily
  • Hugs the terrain for optimum contact & stability
  • Up to 20% fuel savings with lower slip rate and rolling resistance
  • Outstanding traction
  • Maximum flotation for increased productivity—same surface area as 7 tires per side
  • Significantly reduced soil compaction
  • Uses existing transmission ratios, preventing overload while providing a smoother ride Close up of Soucy Tracks on John Deere combine

Call Polen Implement at 440-322-8821 today to find out more about how Soucy tracks can maximize your crop yields and farming efficiency!      Soucy Track Logo

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