The Budget-Easy, Self-Contained Boom Mower!

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Starting at only $12,900, the Hardee Hydraulic Boom Mower is quite possibly the most affordable, boom mower on the market! Its completely self-contained hydraulics, valve, reservoir, ballast and electrical system allow you to just hook up and mow!

Easily mow over guard rails and other obstructions.

The Hardee self-contained boom mower will save you thousands of dollars, because you'll no longer need a dedicated tractor that's permanently shackled to weights, mounts and hydraulics. Mow quickly and safely without crowding ditch banks or steep hill sides. Mow horizontally and vertically to trim limbs and clean up wood lines.

Safely mow ditch and stream banks without crowding the edge.

Hardee self-contained boom mowers are quick-hitch compatible. They range in size from 13' to 22' reach and feature a 42" cutting deck. The Hardee offers two convenient, 4-function cable control levers, category 1 standard hitch, a no-drift load holding hydraulic valve replaceable, and bushings in all pivots. Plus, the Hardee mower folds behind your tractor for easy, convenient transportation. When you're ready to use your tractor for the next job, simply remove the Hardee Boom Mower from your 3-pt hitch and park it with the included stand.

Optional joystick controller with trigger.

Safe. Easy. Fast. Convenient. Economical. Versatile. Effective. To find out more about the completely self-contained Hardee boom mower, call Steve Jackson at 440-322-8821 today!