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Service that'll make you smile

Since opening our doors in 1932, Polen Implement has built its business on reliable, accurate service.

We have a fully equipped agricultural equipment service area as well as a fully equipped mower and small engine service area. In addition, we offer commercial mower service for professional landscapers, golf courses, municipalities and other organizations. You can email us at the bottom of this page to set up a service appointment at our store or call Polen Implement's service department.
Mower & Small Engine Service

440.322.7064, opt. 3 or direct extension 1019

Ag Service
440.322.7064, opt. 3 or direct extension 1020



Need to service your John Deere Fleet? Check out our Year-Round Multi-Unit Inspection Repair Program

You worked hard all year, and so did your equipment. And if you're like us, you've got more than one piece of equipment that could use a little tune up. That's why we've outlined service offers below to include anything from tillage and utility tractors, to air seeders, irrigation engines and combines. Contact us today for more details or to schedule an appointment.


Eligible Equipment

Prep Equipment

  • John Deere Tillage (includes nutrient applicator)


Plant/ Place Equipment

  • John Deere Utility and Row Crop Tractors: 5-8000 Series (00-current D, E, M & R Series), 10-60 Series tractors
  • John Deere 4WD Tractors: 9000 Series, 30-70 Series
  • John Deere Planters
  • John Deere Grain Drills
  • John Deere Air Seeders
  • John Deere Air Carts
  • John Deere Self – Propelled Sprayers
  • Hagie™ Sprayers

Applications Powered by John Deere Engines

  • Irrigation Engines
  • Tree Shakers
  • Orchard Sprayers


Harvest Equipment

  • John Deere Combines
  • John Deere Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters (SPFH)
  • John Deere Cotton Pickers
  • John Deere Cotton Strippers
  • John Deere Windrowers
  • John Deere Heads (front end equipment)
  • John Deere Mower Conditioners
  • John Deere Balers



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is an inspection required to get the repair discount?

A: Yes. Inspection is required for each unit that receives the repair parts discount. The redemption site will require an invoice showing the inspection.

Q: Is inspection labor covered by this program?

A: No. Labor of any kind is not covered under this program. The program rebate only applies to John Deere OEM parts, REMAN parts, and A&I parts.



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