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Additional Equipment

No matter how large or small your operation is, Brillion has the tool to help you with your tillage, seedbed preparation, and seeding equipment needs.

Flail Shredder

Brillion Flail Shredders cut and shred residue with ease. Brillion Flail Shredders are available in 12’ and 15’ models. Offered in both 540 and 1000 RPM PTO drives, these machines can be used on a wide variety of tractor sizes and models.

Seedbed Mulch Tucker 

The Brillion Seedbed Mulch Tucker fills a niche in the seeding operations of many specialty jobs around the country. Primarily used after the seeding operation is complete and the mulch is blown or spread on, the Seedbed Mulch Tucker helps anchor the mulch into the seedbed while enhancing the seed to soil contact. The operation is often mandated by many federal, state, and municipal seeding jobs.